Employment Services for Internship/Apprenticeship

CTEF has implemented a program throughout the State of Florida (soon to be available nationally) with Kelly Engineering Resources® (KER®) to allow industry partners the opportunity to engage the services of high school students under the age of 18 in an internship program supported by CTEF. The internship program will begin the summer between the student’s 10th and 11th grade years of high school education. The partnership effort between CTEF, KER®, the school district and Industry is in place to keep students engaged in the process of education; to assist district guidance departments in assessing students’ aptitudes, and to offer guidance, direction and job opportunity for the future.

Bridging Employment to Industry with Education

CTEF, in its effort to attract employers in participation and support of its Internship/Apprenticeship Model without the worry or risk of “hiring” a student under the age of 18, has a contract in place with Kelly Engineering Resources, a business unit of Kelly Services®, a U.S.-based Fortune 500® company. KER® specializes in providing its customers with qualified engineers, designers, drafters and technicians around the world. CTEF will work hand-in-hand with each STEM academy, school district, industry partner and KER® to implement an internship program. With a global branch network, KER® is uniquely positioned to provide CTEF and our industry partners with educated, trained and certified international staffing support and employees for diverse assignments around the world.

Bridging Industry and Education

Input from the business sector places CTEF in a unique position to:

Ensure an optimal fit between the student’s basic and advanced career training

Understand and advance the personal aspirations and aptitudes of young people

Assess and understand the qualifications required by Industry

The joint efforts of Education, Industry, Family and Student will ensure companies will recruit competent staff. High quality standards need to be established, secured and further developed throughout the entire education system.